I am available to provide organizational training and support to a wide-array of community organizations including hospitals, community health organizations, behavioral health organizations and academic settings, predominantly focused on art- and performance-based training.

Previous workshops have focused on:

– Revisioning conversations around Self-care when working with communities of people experiencing multicontextual forms of violence, oppression and neglect

– Trauma Informed Classrooms

– Introduction(s) to Internal Family Systems therapy

– Class Matters: when we think of the Healing Potential of IFS therapy, who do we include in our understanding of ‘healing?’

How our Nervous Systems and Social Locations Inform How We Connect and Disconnect from Each Other: an Introduction to More Intuitive, Authentic and Compassionate Community Engagement

To organize a 60-minute, 90-minute, 4-hour or full-day workshop or training, please contact me via my “Contact Me” page.

Previous community partners include:


“Jennie conducted a training on Compassion Fatigue for the team at the New England Center and Home for Veterans.  Jennie created a safe and comforting space for the team to reflect on and learn about their own self care needs.  She was incredibly engaging and accessible in her approach and used humor and her own similar work experience to connect with the team.  We were grateful to have had Jennie present on such a personal and important topic for human services professionals.” — Lena Asmar, Vice President of Human Services, NE Center for Homeless Veterans

Shout-out to my collaborative partner: MUSCLE MUSIC:

Muscle Music is a trauma-informed and responsive mental health initiative for the everyday artist. Muscle Music was cofounded by myself and Singer/Songwriter/Performer, Ruby Rose Fox, to support people in learning how to regulate their nervous system and build more sustainable, creative resilience in their work and life.

To learn more about Ruby Rose Fox, and the resources available through Muscle Music, please click here.