Individual therapy is an amazing opportunity to begin to get to know the thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and relationships that inform your life and drive your actions and behavior. It is an opportunity to learn how to listen to yourself with an open, generous heart; and in learning how to embrace compassion for yourself- and your experiences, become more connected and accountable to the people around you. 

Individual therapy is effortful, and can be painful, at times. Therapy is meant to be a vehicle for change and is best utilized when you’re motivated to engage and participate fully. Therapy, when conducted well through the mutual combination of your motivation and the integrity and skill of your provider, can also function as a safe place to express and explore things that are hurting you, and perpetuate suffering or disconnection in your life. 

If you feel reactive to the word: “safe,” let’s talk about it. You are an expert in your own body and mind. Full stop. Sometimes, what we feel in our bodies doesn’t match what we think in our head. Sometimes it feels too dangerous to connect with our body at all. Often, it feels safer to stay in our mind, trying to “figure things out” rather than learn how to embrace the entire vessel that is available to help us move through hard things: an open heart, our mind, our body and our spiritual self.

Therapy offers context for the stories you say to yourself, and can help you reframe stories from old wounds into new narratives that are more complex, and less black and white. Stories that integrate both your past and your present-moment are more accurate, and can support you in being more accountable: both to yourself and to people you engage with in the world; stories that integrate your past and your present-moment allow you to be more accountable for harm you may have caused to people you care about in addition to harm you may have imposed on yourself to try and cope with events in your life that felt too overwhelming to face in other ways.

Often, un-addressed experiences of trauma (interpersonal or environmental) get “stuck” in our bodies, and manifest through physical discomfort like indigestion or migraines, illness such as a cancer, or uncomfortable sensations like panic. This is normal and common. Therapy can be an opportunity to get curious about what needs to be addressed, emotionally, in addition to what needs to be attended to physiologically. 

If you’re interested in exploring whether individual therapy might benefit you at this time in your life, I offer individual sessions services every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12 – 8pm EST/9am – 5pm Pacific, as well as Fridays from 12 – 5pm EST/9am – 2pm Pacific. Information about fees are also available in the FAQ section of this website.