I am independently, clinically licensed in the state of MA and am in-process of becoming licensed in the state of California. I am currently able to supervise any person trained as a social worker seeking to move toward their independent, clinical license in the state of MA; or work with anyone who is seeking supervision and is already independently practicing as a social worker or other independently licensed clinical provider.

Areas of clinical specialty are listed in my “About Me” section, but are predominantly focused on: Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS), Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (supporting people struggling with addiction and other high-risk coping behaviors), and the clinical application of Polyvagal Theory as interpreted in Deb Dana’s work in Polyvagal Theory in Therapy (2018). I also have advanced training in the multicontextual treatment of trauma, and liberatary health practices. I aim to support others in integrating social justice, and explicitly feminist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist principles into clinical spaces. 

Pricing for supervision is detailed further in the FAQ’s section of my website, and is negotiable based on access to financial resources in addition to whether you are seeking 1:1 support or are interested in working as a member of a group.